Export your records from Deltek Vision

In cooperation with Relokia, you can successfully migrate records, even having zero coding skills.

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We value data safety

Our developers implement best data protection practices to migrate your files under the solid link. And in accordance with our Privacy Policy, your credentials are removed from our systems succeeding the data migration.

We assure the most precise result
We have comprehensive experience in data export of various types of software, and Accounting Systems are belong there, too. Taking into consideration all of the peculiarities, we will carry out the data transition accurately.
We are trusted by thousands of businesses
Relokia is a team of professionals recognized as a reliable service around the data migration market. To make sure that users appreciate us, simply see the 5-star reviews on Capterra and G2.

Why is Relokia the best choice for a data migration service?

Easy way

Straightforward tool

We made our tool with the convenience for our customers in mind. That’s why it’s so simple to employ. You just have to share your migration requirements with us, and we'll get the work done.


Expert data import and export

We are aware of a data migration complexity for an inexperienced user. So, we are here to assist you in performing this uneasy procedure. It doesn’t make a difference if you want to transfer data to a new Accounting system or, for example, export it to the text format, our experts will handle that in a breeze.


Data import and export
Data filtering

Data filters

If our customers only need the migration of specific accounting files, we enable setting data filters to move only the files they want.


Record structure preservation

All the connections between your Accounting records will be accurately preserved during the data migration. The exact structure of records connections is ensured.


Data Connections

High-quality customer service

Our customer service agents offer excellent assistance and always prepared to give you a hand with any issues and answer your intricate requests.


Entries you can export from Deltek Vision

*This is the general list of the records available for export. It can differ for specific platforms. Please, check with our team.

  • Bank Transfers and Transactions
  • Customers, Vendors and Companies
  • Accounting documents

    including Account, Invoices, Journal Entries, Payments, Taxes, Expenses, Estimates, Bills, Orders, Receipts, Items and much more

The principle of data export from Deltek Vision

  • Reach out to our team

    We’ll speak over all the steps of your data transition to consider the amount of time required and all the other key details of for completing the process.

  • Connect Deltek Vision and your new Accounting system

    Provide us the credentials to both platforms to get your records from the source and transfer it to the target.

  • Choose a date of your migration

    Discover at which times the majority of users are offline and choose this period of time as it’s the most comfortable time for your data migration.

  • Export your records from Deltek Vision

    Start with the main migration process to shift all of your information to the target Accounting System.

  • Start using your new system!

    When all of your accounting instances are transferred to the new platform, you can begin using it without delay.

Your data security is a crucial matter

Our professionals work every day to ensure the safeguarded network, and also the complete safety of your files throughout the transition!

How much does Data Export from Deltek Vision cost?

Your data export from Deltek Vision cost builds upon the following aspects: business data volume, custom work of default process you’ll request, and transfer complexity. Set a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard perform and figure out how much your data switch will cost.

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