How Accounting System Migration Works

Start with the same balance sheets that
you had in your old accounting system

You have decided to move to another accounting software. Migrating data is a very delicate task and can affect your business operations. Relokia makes the process quick and painless, saving you days of time and effort.

Here’s what data migration with Relokia looks like

Step 1. Create your account

First things first, create an account where you’re going to set up your migration(s). You can use an email and password or social accounts if you don’t want to remember another password.

When using email, make sure to use a valid email address and phone number. This will help effective communication.

Step 2. Connect the systems you want to migrate

You need to connect the source system. Click the platform selector and find your software on the list. Then, you will see the credentials to enter. Fill out the form and move to the next step. Now, connect your target system. Select the desired platform and enter the required credentials.

Make sure that you’re using an account with admin privileges to initiate the migration.

Relokia does not share any of the credentials that you submit during the setup. So rest assured that your data is safe.

Step 3. Select the data and map accounts

Here you see a list of objects you can migrate between the chosen systems. Check the boxes next to each object.

When you select Accounts and Products, the Wizard will open a form for you to match up types of accounts and products between the systems. Go through the mapping and save the settings when done. You’re all set to start the test!

Step 4. Begin the test import

Once the setup is complete, start the free test. The Wizard will import a small amount of data for you to check out in the target system.

When the test import is complete, you get a report for each imported object. Click the “Download report” button to see which records were migrated. Then, carefully check the result of the test import before migrating all data!

Contact our team if you need help with the test import or have any other questions about the migration.

Step 5. Migrate all data

When you’re ready, begin the Full Migration. Keep in mind that the process might take some time. The more data you have, the longer it will take.

You may close the tab and occasionally check the progress of your migration. Our team will stay in touch with you during the entire process.


Why migrate your accounting system with Relokia?

Security by design and by default

Relokia considers data privacy at the onset of all projects, products, product development, and services offered.

Learn more about our Security Policy

Test for free as many times as you need

Testing is crucial for a successful outcome of the migration, and we know it like no one else.

User-friendly Migration Wizard

You can use our Migration Wizard even if you have zero experience with migrating accounting system data.

5 years on the data migration market

From simple migrations to large and complex multi-workload projects, Relokia has you covered.

Let’s migrate your data to a new accounting system

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