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Relokia is Introducing New Data Migration Support Plans

Because our customers have varying sets of requirements, we want to ensure each one of you has clarity into the type of support and professional services you’re receiving. So we’ve bucketed our support into three packages, making it easier for you to determine what best suits your needs so you can get up and running quickly.

Starting today, we're going to offer three levels of support:

  • Standard (free);
  • Premium ($199);
  • Signature ($499).
Relokia Support Plans

Let’s get into some details to see what each support package has to offer.

The Standard Support Package

The Standard support package addresses the needs of small and simple data migration projects. The package provides the following features:

✅ 9/5 support

✅ Help via email, phone & chat

✅ Regular SLA response time (within 24 hours)

❌ Data re-migration

❌ Delta migration

Standard support users will receive a reply from our team within 24 hours after the request has been submitted. The support is provided during the standard business days.

Who should get this package?

As mentioned earlier, this package is made for small and simple data migrations. So, if you’re migrating from an accounting system that isn’t customized, then this package could be a great choice. You can also opt for free support if you don’t have any strict deadlines or if this isn’t your first time migrating and knowing how the process goes.

The Premium Support Package

The Premium support package offers extended support hours and a shorter response time. But the greatest value of this package is the ability to re-migrate data.

The features include:

✅ 16/7 support

✅ Help via email, phone & chat

✅ High priority response time

✅ Senior support team

✅ 1 data re-migration within 5 days

❌ Delta migration

Who should get this package?

The Premium support package benefits companies with a larger amount of data and a customized source platform. When migrating from a customized accounting system, you might need some tweaking done to migrate invoices and the rest of the data correctly.

It’s also worth getting the Premium package if you want to migrate quickly and need someone on the phone outside of the standard business hours. Finally, this package gives you a plan B. Here’s how.

What is data re-migration, and why you might need it?

Data re-migration is a service that allows removing all previously migrated data from the target accounting system and migrating it for the second time to the same accounting system.

Data re-migrations are your plan B in case anything goes wrong. Even though you get to test the migration before starting the Full Data Migration, spotting all imperfections is nearly impossible. So, you can do a Full Data Migration, check if any significant issues occur, and then re-migrate your data.

Paying the extra $199 can save a couple of hundreds or even a few thousand dollars! If you go with the Standard package, you’ll have to pay 50% of the automated data migration to re-migrate data. Choose wisely!

The Signature Support Package

Finally, the Signature support package. This package includes the following features:

✅ 16/7 support

✅ Help via email, phone & chat

✅ Off-hours urgent support (up to 2 business hours)

✅ Dedicated tech support on weekends/holidays

✅ 1 data re-migration within 10 days

✅ 1 delta migration within 10 days

Who should get this package?

Are you migrating loads of data? Are you on a time crunch or just a busy professional? Do you need enterprise-level support? Then this package is for you.

The Signature package offers you the highest priority support. You may expect a reply from our team within 2 hours. You also get support during weekends/holidays. Finally, and most importantly, you can re-migrate data once within ten days after the Full Data Migration.

Wrapping Up

We want to make sure we’re addressing your needs. Support has always been a defining factor of our organization — we’ll continue to build tools and processes to ensure you have the best experience migrating data.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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